This Christmas, I’ll be doing a lot of carol-singing around London.

For some years, a friend has organised carol singing at Victoria and Waterloo stations. These are busy main-line railway stations, though which thousands and thousands of commuters surge every day. So it is great to have a good choir of carol-singers, standing by the great Christmas Tree and pouring out the message of joy and hope and goodwill…there is a certain amount of bureaucracy that goes along with this, with forms to complete and so on, but it is well worth it. Some of the bureaucracy is just absurd, indeed bordering on the lunatic. One year, we were told we had to take along a fire extinguisher! Fire extinguisher? Yes, and so one had to be trundled out, on wheels, to stand alongside us as we sang, and then duly trundled back again. Did some one think our singing would ignite a fire? And we were to be the only people equipped to fight the flames of the entire station if one broke out elsewhere? Don’t know. No idea. The bureaucratic mind has deep mysterious areas of its own…

This year, while singing along merrily with the Victoria group, I’ve also organised my own. We’ll be at London Bridge, another busy commuter station. The parish of Precious Blood at London Bridge (O’Meara Street, London SEI – just near the Borough Market) is run by the Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham.. And these people can sing, and sing well. The “Anglican patrimony” to which Papa Benedict referred in setting up the Ordinariate in Anglicanorum Coetibus, includes a grand tradition of singing…and we will fill London Bridge station with a glorious sound.<p></p>
So if you are at London Bridge on Friday, Dec 20th, come and join us!

And if you live in The Borough, you will also hear us on the previous evening, as we will be singing around the local streets. We’ll drop into local pubs, sing at street corners, drop cards through doors wishing people a Merry Christmas. The cards will have the times of Christmas Masses and other events.

Merry Christmas!