Do you think two men can get married? Or maybe three?

Britain’s current Government is seeking to re-invent marriage. The Prime Minister David Cameron announced this at the Conservative Party Conference last year, saying with enthusiasm that he was doing so “not despite being a Conservative, but because of being a Conservative!”. He says “marriage” is essentially about commitment. So it should be available to two people of the same sex.

But is marriage just about commitment? If so, then should we not ensure that it is offered to people who need to make a lifelong commitment to one another – a mother and her child, for example, or a family of brothers and sisters?

In fact, marriage is not essentially about commitment. It is essentially about the union between one man and one woman, through which children are brought into the world.

And it’s no use saying “well, two men can have a baby too!” because they can’t. They may arrange for a child to be born using artificial means, but that child will still have a mother. And, in due course, will and must have the legal right to seek out that mother and establish contact. The child will also have grandparents and uncles and aunts and possibly siblings – and pretending that he hasn’t won’t make them disappear.

Attempts to invent same-sex marriage will prove to be a legal and social minefield, productive of vast legal problems and innumerable social ills. Attempting to pursue this project is a shocking – truly shocking – waste of our money and politicians’ time. And it’s being done when we are in the middle of a dreadful war (six more British soldiers killed in Afghanistan this week) an economic crisis, and serious social problems (the warm weather starts soon – we will probably lose about 10-15 young people in stabbings this summer, and if 2011 is anything to go by, there will be rioting and fires as well as the usual drunkenness and fighting most weekends).

Trying to re-invent marriage is a daft and cruel project. It ill becomes the government of a once great nation.

Sane people are signing up to a petition urging the Government to abandon this absurd project. If you are a resident of the United Kingdom and over sixteen years of age you can add your signature by going here:

The Catholic Bishops of England and Wales are united in their defence of marriage and have issued a special pastoral letter on the subject to be read in all churches. Christian leaders and ministers of all denominations have united to sign the petition along with members of other faiths. The petition has already passed the 120,000 mark and the number of signatures rises by the minutes. But we need your help too – so please sign up.

And please pray for Britain.