What Does The Future Hold?

So we have a new government in Britain. It was pleasing to hear David Cameron, immediately after leaving Buckingham Palace and being appointed Prime Minister, speaking at Downing Street and specifically listing “family” and “responsibility” among his priorities in renewing national and community life.

Mr. Cameron does not have a record of supporting the pro-life cause, and he has supported the idea of same-sex marriage. This makes many Catholic commentators, including this one, rather gloomy. But there are good signs, too – he is a churchgoer; he is openly affirming of his own commitment to his marriage and his family; he exudes a sense of tradition and speaks clearly about duties and responsibilities. He has spoken of “broken Britain” and of the need to restore values – and emphasizes that this isn’t something that should mean State control, but a renewal of family, neighbourliness, a sense of community.

The Lib Dems? Hmmm. Nick Clegg has been openly critical of Catholic schools, and goes along with the line that they are divisive and “elitist.” He does not support any restriction of abortion, and is supportive of the “gay rights” agenda. His wife is a practicing Catholic and they do attend Mass as a family, although Mr. Clegg is an agnostic.

It sounds rather pompous to suggest that our country now needs prayer. But it does. When the Queens opens Parliament in due course, she will read a speech from the throne outlining the planned new legislation. She will conclude, as she always does, “My Lords, and members of the House of Commons – I pray that the blessing of Almighty God will rest on your endeavours,”

WE should echo that.